Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 9th Edition / 27-30 june 2024

PSSFF 2024

Official selection 2018

The PSSFF 2018 featured 15 films in competition (6 documentaries and 9 short films) and 2 films out of competition.



Beyond. An African Surf Documentary
29 September 2018 14:40

Mario Hainzl
Documentaire · Autriche · 2017 · 111’ (vostf)

Beyond explores the unique board-riding cultures found in Morocco, Mauritania, Gambia and Senegal. Dropping into some of the most isolated coastlines in the world, the travelers spent three months on the road filming, photographing and interviewing a host of fascinating characters that have all found ways to adapt to the harshness of their respective environs while still carving out surfing and other adventurous lifestyles.

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Big Wata
29 September 2018 16:40

Gugi Van der Velden
Documentaire · Pays-Bas · 2018 · 79’ (vostf)

During the Ebola outbreak the younger members of a West African fishing community discover surfing as their identity and purpose in life. Wanting to break free from the restrictions of a traditional community a suspended surf club member embarks on a journey. Only to return with a new found appreciation for the place they so badly wanted to leave.

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Momentum Generation
29 September 2018 21:00

Jeff & Michael Zimbalist
Documentaire · USA · 2018 · 103’ (vostf)

Before forever reshaping worldwide culture in the 1990s and beyond, surfing’s most legendary crew were just a group of teenagers living crammed together in a small house in the North Shore of Oahu. From humble origins to cultural icons, MOMENTUM GENERATION is the first time this crew has agreed to tell their story together, giving the filmmakers unprecedented access to their inner circle and tens of thousands of hours of private archives that shed new light on the deep friendships that were formed and tested throughout their careers as top athletes and cultural icons.

Trailer Momentum

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Made in Venice
28 September 2018 20:00

Jonathan Penson
Documentaire · USA · 2016 · 76’ (vostf)

This film takes you on a rippin’, shreddin’ ride with the skateboarders of Venice, California, from “raising hell” on the beach in their teens to turning pro in the ‘80s and putting “street skating” on the global map. But their biggest challenge of it was about getting what they dreamed of, and really wanted a skatepark on Venice Beach for the community and the pro skaters of tomorrow.

Screening in the presence of the director

trailer Made in Venice

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Tant qu’on ira vers l’Est
30 September 2018 14:40

Mehdi Rondeleux
Documentaire · France · 2017 · 65’

The camera follows Tao, a blooming artist travelling by the means of her skateboard. Along the way they make insightful encounters and live unique experiences, through a variety of colours, landscapes, creative initiatives and incredible mouvements coming to sight progressively within their journey.

Screening in the presence of the director

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Minding the Gap
30 September 2018 18:40

Bing Liu
Documentaire · USA · 2018 · 98’ (vostf)

Three young men bond together to escape volatile families in their Rust Belt hometown. As they face adult responsibilities, unexpected revelations threaten their decade-long friendship.

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Short film

Short films program #1

28 September 2019 16:20

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Africa Riding: Ghana / Skateboard

Liz Gomis & Aurélien Biette
Web serie · France · 2018 · 6’43

Africa Riding gets in contact with the locals within the skate comunity, witch is giving birth a new social and cultural area in Africa.

L’Or Bleu / Surf

Jameson Pepper
France · 2018 · 3’10 (vostf)

Three brothers leave Casablanca and head towards the south of Morocco in search of the blue gold, this inexhaustible gold, source of all voyages and of all perditions, but this gold, our three brothers will return it to the horizon. The quest for the blue gold, is the quest for the wave.

Awen / Surf

Anders Melchior
Norvège · 2017 · 6’ (vostf)

More and more young Chinese pursue their own dreams and seek a higher degree of personal freedom. Their mindset stands in stark contrast to the Chinese society’s cherishing of-permanent jobs and predictable futures. Awen’s mom wants him to become a fisherman like his ancestors. Awen, on the other hand, just wants to surf.

Build Ramps not Walls / Skateboard

Brian Adamkiewicz
USA/Mexique · 2018 · 13’34 (vostf)

Shown through the eyes of an 8 year old American-Mexican boy, the film documents a bi-national skate community in Mexico seeking a positive response to the negative rhetoric between Mexico and the USA afer the 2016 presidential election.

The Outrider / Surf

Jeremy Joyce & Rob Lockyear
UK · 2018 · 30’

In 1979, Mike Strident, built a revolutionary single fin — “The Outrider”. Strident has the world at his feet. He is the highest paid surfer in history. But then the Thruster happens the tri-fin surfboard makes Strident irrelevant overnight and his empire crumbles. Thirty years later, Californian hot dogger, Tommy Tonata, discovers the original Outrider and tries to bring Strident back.

Short films program #2

29 September 2019 16:20

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Changing Point / Surf

Rebecca Coley
UK · 2017 · 17’ (vostf)

An inspirational story of Bonne Gea, a young woman who blazed her own trail and threw off the constraints of society and the traditional role assigned to her to become the first Indonesian Women’s Surfing Champion and inspire a new generation of female surfers.

Bickford Park / Skateboard

Linsey Stewart & Dane Clark
Canada · 2017 · 12’ (vostf)

A woman secretly starts taking skateboarding lessons from a handsome teenager to escape the problems in her marriage.

The Beginning is Always Today / Skateboard

Cédric Jereb
France · 2018 · 10’ (vostf)

Man, have you ever think about how is to be a skater girl when the majority of skaters are men ? Women, you are not alone. This film is a documentary presenting caroline king, 18 years old, living and skating in Santa Cruz, California.

Trash / Surf

François Jaubert
France · 2018 · 24’

François quits his job as an architect to accomplish his personal legend, which is to transform pieces of cardboard into a surfboard. He then leaves for a long trip that will take him to California, to Mexico et to the Landes beaches. A unique experience that shows the usefulness of waste in surfing.

Out of competition

a land shaped by women

Anne-Flore Marxer & Aline Bock
Documentaire · France · 2018 · 26’ (vostf)

The movie is an inspirational depiction of their journey across Iceland, where the two Freeride World Champions explore the country in a van through the adventure sports they are passionate about: snowboarding and surfing. On the road they meet inspirational Icelandic women to understand their mindset living in a country with a rich history in gender equality.

Gigi, a Story of the Gurfers Immigration

Clothilde Lepas
Documentaire · France · 2018 · 46’

GiGi is the name of one of the most beautiful surfing spots in Peniche, on the Portuguese Coast… But GiGi it’s also a story about immigration. A different immigration story, far from the ones we usually hear about.
GiGI tells the story of seven girls from all over the world. GiGi is their story.
What do they have in common?
They left everything behind to fullfill their passion. How can those Girls surf, work and enjoy in a country that will never totally be their home?
GiGi is the story of Gurfers immigrants…

Screening in the presence of the director

A Scene at the Sea
30 September 2018 20:00

Takeshi Kitano
Fiction · Japon · 1991 · 101’ Avec Hiroko Ôshima, Claude Maki, Sabu Kawahara, Toshizo Fujiwara

A young deaf mute dustman falls into an obsessive passion for surfing. Fueled by the kind look of his fiancée, deaf mute as well, the young man gets better, from exhausting learnings to harassing contests, all the way until the sea splits them.

Closing film

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Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 9th Edition / 27-30 june 2024

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