Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 9th Edition / 27-30 june 2024

PSSFF 2024


We are glad to annouce you the palmares of the PSSFF, 5th edition

Mention spéciale du jury

Meilleur long métrage Surf

Meilleur long métrage Skateboard

Best surfing documentary

Outdeh – The Youth of Jamaica

Louis Amon Josek

Allemagne/Jamaïque · 2019 · 79’ (vostfr)

Outdeh is a documentary film that portrays the Youth of Jamaica: a new generation in transition, determined to get out of old and set structures in society and culture – and contribute with their fresh mindset and strength to a new understanding of the island.

Best skateboarding documentary

Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad

Matt Harris

USA/UK · 2020 · 79’(vostfr) French Premiere En présence du réalisateur (à confirmer)

When a tragedy strikes the worlds most unique skatepark, a group of old school skaters, BMX riders and street artists team up to fight for its survival.

Official website :

Best surfing short film

Just Go Fucking Surfing

Juul Hesselberth

Netherlands · 2020 · 27’ Screening in the presence of the Director

Although more women are surfing, their stories still remain rarely told. What does the marketed ‘sexy surfer girl’ image do with women who never felt like they suited this image? How has this influenced their career and self-esteem? For her ethnographic documentary Juul Hesselberth spent three months in Australia, where she followed four female pro surfers whom pursue(d) a surfing career. This film moves through the online representations to the lived reality of female athletes.

Best skateboarding short film

Uncomfortably Comfortable

Myriah Marquez

USA · 2020 · 17’

Living life to its fullest, Myriah Rose Marquez, a co-founder of the all-women’s skateboard collective, GRLSWIRL, makes her vehicle her home in Venice. This film is the impressionistic diary of her nomadic adventures. Called "The Ultimate Road Movie (in 13 minutes)” by critic James Kenny, we follow along as Myriah processes her life and tries to shift society’s standards of compassion.

Thanks again too our Jury: Lee-Ann Curren, Emmanuelle Lepers, Neels Castillon, Benjamin Deberdt et Emmanuel Cossu.
We’d like to thank all the film crews, our volunteers, all the people who made this edition possible. Many thanks to the public for coming so many !!
And last but not least, thank you to all our partners.
See you all next year !!

Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 9th Edition / 27-30 june 2024

La Gaîté Lyrique · Paris 3e